Raising children is likened to shepherding sheep, so what a shepherd does is to take care of the sheep for the owner.

Our children primarily belong to God and we are their parents because God has chosen us to take care of them. Everything that good shepherds would therefore do for their sheep, are the exact things parents are expected to do for their children.

God expects us as parents to:

  •  Feed our children: not just with food, but with the word of God.
  • Guide and lead our children: not just guiding them in their career choices alone, but showing them how to honestly and fearfully pursue these goals to God’s glory. download adobe flash pro cs6 + full crack
  • Discipline and correct our children: using negative terms on them is not discipline. Good discipline should not hurt the child psychologically. It should birth positive change. Let love follow the reprimand. Proverbs 22:6,15,29:15,17
  • Protect and rescue our children from danger: This is beyond keeping them within high walls. We should raise spiritual high walls around them too by praying for them always.