Beulah gave me most of the best memories I have, gave friends that I'm blessed to call family now. I'm forever grateful for the gift of going through a great school which not only sought to develop its students academically, but also socially, morally and spiritually for a well rounded life; and to have learnt from dedicated and committed teachers (the best). Beulah will forever bask in splendour and glory!


Benson Idahosa University (Law)

One thing that stood out for me as a student at Beulah was the reading culture. The second attraction was the friendly environment provided by staff. Having my teachers double as friends was a nice touch and made me love my subjects more.

I picked up a lot of discipline at Beulah and I am very grateful for it. The values which were instilled in us as weekly leadership tit bits still gets me going.

Beulah is known for training the "total child" and I am a proof of this.


University of Uyo (Pharmacy)

Beulah taught me to trust God above everything else. University has been amazing so far and I am forever grateful to my teachers and mentors that nurtured me to be the woman I am today.

God bless Beulah.


University of Uyo (Animal and Environmental Studies)

I count it a blessing to have passed through Beulah International School not only because B.I.S built my confidence and played a part in moulding me into who I am today; but also because I met really amazing teachers and friends who made lasting imprints on my heart. I am extremely proud to be associated with Beulah International School and will 'proudly shine for thee'.

Theola Itoroabasi Isong

Benson Idahosa University (B.A International Studies and Diplomacy)

There was this slogan everybody used back then when I was a student, it said '' thank God for a place like Beulah!'' Mostly because Beulah provided a safe and stable environment for students to grow. I never experienced any sort of bulling; and I had teachers who were VERY kind, friendly and encouraging.

Ashibeshi Favour Benyin

University of Uyo (Law)

Like the little Biblical mustard seed, Beulah is going places. I got so excited few weeks ago, when 2022 Jamb results were pulished online and we saw the excellent performace by the  Beulah students. As if that wasn't enough, two days ago on Facebook, we watched the entrepreneurial exhibitions by the students. Wow! So awesome. Infact, my children were jealous of the extent the school has grown in the area of skill acquisition; an aspect which wasn't there in their days as students of the school. Beulah International School is doing exceptionally good and I'm paying very dearly for them to attend. Beulah shall live and not die; she shall wax stronger and stronger, from glory to glory. Well done.

Dr. (Mrs) Ini Essien

Medical Personnel (Parent)

Beulah international school is one school I will never forget. I stepped into the school with nothing and left with so many testimonies. The School impacted me in so many ways; it taught me to be bold and to stand out in all ramifications. It exposed my true potentials and made me discover the hidden talents I never thought I possessed; it influenced my life positively and taught me the best way to deal with life and its challenges. Indeed, Beulah is a school with a vision and a good place to be.

Long live my Alma Mata

Long live Beulah international school

I love you Beulah

Keep up the good work


University of Calabar (Medicine and Surgery)

Beulah International School is reputable for its state-of- the- art learning facilities. My six years journey in Beulah has furnished me with the basics and intricacies of life. Our academic programs were thorough and broad offering me the platform for self development and best academic practices. I must say Beulah has groomed me into becoming a curious, observant, optimistic, dedicated, diligent, hardworking and result oriented adult. I am a young woman that has been impacted academically, spititually, morally and endowed with a competitive edge in the academic and professional career market.

Idongesit Timothy Ekpo

University of Uyo (Medicine and Surgery)