There is that special person in my life; she is an epitome of beauty, both inward and outward. She is the perfect example of a teacher and a friend. She’s not just my teacher but my friend, a perfect guide. She always has a listening ear and knows the right words to use to uplift, enlighten and entertain us.  She is Miss Adachukwu.

She inspired not just the pupils but the teachers. One would wonder how she balanced her life so perfectly. She never got insulted by any pupil and was never the topic of a gossip. She loved the company of children and always said “these babies may teach my babies’’.

She neither underrated a pupil nor discouraged anyone who could not catch up. She sacrificed her free time teaching us without an extra fee attached. On one occasion, she was instructed by the headmistress to teach a special needs child (with Down Syndrome) whom all teachers had concluded there was no hope for him. But as usual, she smiled and agreed.

Weeks passed on and nobody saw the special needs child in school anymore. Teachers concluded that Miss Ada had finally tarnished her perfect reputation; they did not know that she had transformed him to a normal child. That child is ME!

She encouraged me each day of our lesson and prayed with me. She went all out to get the curriculum specially for my kind and taught me with it. When things seemed rough, she switched her teaching methods to suit me.

She made me who I am today. A man who is able to defend himself and is not bothered about what others feel or think about my sight but how they feel when I open my mouth to speak.

Miss Adachukwu would forever be my perfect TEACHER.

Ituen, Idaraobong  (S.S.3)