I know a school I love so much! 
A school with strength uncompromised,
A school brought forth to birth nations,
Nigeria is lucky to mother this school.

I saw them today, so fresh and unique, 
I held my breath, observed and peeped,
Behold I saw stars and great lights,
Discipline was never a missing tool,
I inquired to know what makes them great,
At such a stage I can’t fathom!

“We are Christians and in Christ we trust, 
Our school’s unique and so are we,
We work so hard to earn the future, 
Our teachers teach with clarity,
The fear of God, care and love, 
Discipline to us is a lifestyle,

We walk and live by it.

Future leaders we are trained to be,
That’s why with us Nigeria has hope,
Malpractice to us is a taboo, 
We read and write, our future we defend!”

I couldn’t hold myself, after hearing them speak,

I had to move a little closer,
For what I heard was “outta” this world, 
They acted it like no man’s business!

An opportunity I craved had come my way, 
To identify with leaders with such great minds!

“Aunty register your ward with us”, one of them said,
I smiled and hoped, my child would meet this standard I saw, 
for with them, I saw the FUTURE SECURED!

I stepped in and had a shot with them,

For posterity to witness this giants stride.

To the staff and management of this school,

I salute you!

The name alone is quite ASSURING!!!

Memories will remain that’s all I see,
Their quality undiluted,

That I know!

If your child is lacking anything,

That would make him or her face and defend the future,

Do not waste time!


I love these youngsters so much!

Glad I met them today!

Hurry and make enquiries for your wards,

When I have mine,

I’ll bring them too!


– Kuyik-Abasi Paul